Now Celebrating 35 Years of Creating Astronomical & Entertainment Content for Planetariums

We’re having a Sneak Preview night on Saturday Dec. 17th! Join us for a pre-launch showing of VIDLASER RADIOHEAD AT 9:15PM. Dark Side of the Moon will also run at 8:10PM and 10:15PM. Also see THE HOT & ENERGETIC UNIVERSE & VANCOUVER’S STARS TONIGHT @ 7PM…FOR FREE!

http://Eventbrite - Vidlaser Dark Side Of The Moon @ BCIT Planetarium

The official show opening and launch of the regular weekly show schedules will be on the first weekend in January.



VidLaser Radiohead as never seen before,features the best of Radiohead over the years with 360° real-world, real-time Fulldome video, multiple RGB diode lasers, both classic analog and digital star projectors, and immersive full concert sound, all performed LIVE in our new Deep Space Dome at Burnaby’s BCIT Planetarium 3700 Willingdon Av.

Advance tickets for all Dec.17th shows will be available NOW on Eventbrite. Some tickets will be held back for door sales.

http://Eventbrite - Vidlaser Dark Side Of The Moon @ BCIT Planetarium

Dark Side Of The Moon will also be running on Dec 17th at 8:10 PM and 10:15 PM.


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THE HOT AND ENERGETIC UNIVERSE, our fascinating new astronomy show takes us on a spectacular voyage to explore the exciting  findings of the new Xray observatories, & VANCOUVER’S STARS TONIGHT points out the constellations and features of the current sky overhead on the 360 dome. FREE ADMISSION! Shows at 7PM!


New Monster Lens

The New Projector Monster 180 Lens

We have just designed and created a new Fulldome 360 video projection system for our VidLaser shows at the BCIT Planetarium that will give us brighter, more colorful, and smoother imagery.


 Just confirmed that we’ll be working with trippy Vancouver digital animator UON Visuals  to create some Fulldome 360 imagery for our new RADIOHEAD 2016 show!

We’re in our new location, the BCIT Planetarium, 3700 Willingdon Ave. Building SW3, in Burnaby. Enter off Willingdon and follow the signs.


Our New Place for Space!

Like the Seattle Laser shows, the new dome in Montreal, and the popular stage area in our last venue, we recommend reclining on the carpet with the theatre cushions. Seating is available in the rear.

Enter @ 3700 Willingdon, turn right, and follow the signs. If possible check seating before parking.

After three years of innovative development, production, and upgrading, Roundhouse laser and light shows are back! Thanks Vancouver for inspiring us to create new productions techniques and for asking us to bring the shows back to our home town.

Stay tuned for new astronomy shows coming in the future.

One of the companies that has been very supportive in our push to develop new Fulldome show technologies has been Vancouver’s own IZ Radar and we have been fortunate to work with IZ Radar over many years. Just for fun, go to the link, and on the right, click on “Who records with IZ”… Basically everyone…. from Pink Floyd, to U2, to Tony Bennett, to Beck.

Four years ago we developed and began shooting with the worlds first camera rig designed from scratch with Planetarium production in mind that uses set screw alignment for shooting and stitching real-world real-time 4K FullDome video.

Here’s an example of our new 4k real-world real-time Fulldome video, shot with our Roundhouse Rig 5 camera array

Lions Gate Bridge at dusk with the full moon rising. Change YouTube resolution settings to HD

For full screen images and examples visit our channel at:

Thank you Vancouver for record breaking attendance for over 3 decades.

Thanks everyone for all your continuing inquiries and email.

After 33 great years of successful shows from Rachmaninoff to Radiohead, from the Beatles to the Beastie Boys, and from the Poppy Family to Pink Floyd, Roundhouse productions would like to thank the people of Vancouver for their overwhelming support through the years,  and also the bands that have played in our Live In Space series. You know it’s been a long run when we often have people in the shows whose parents’ first date was at our laser shows. We are excited to be continuing the shows with our new technology in our new Planetarium.

Here’s some of our PAST Roundhouse shows…Who would you like to see next? You can call it…let us know!

Roundhouse Laser Zeppelin features classics like WHOLE LOTTA LOVE, STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN, THE IMMIGRANT SONG & much more, all choreographed in the deep space dome to create an amazing  extravaganza of sound & light.




To celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Wall, Roundhouse Productions now brings this ultra classic Pink Floyd laser and light show back to the planetarium. All the timeless Planetarium surround environments plus newly enhanced laser imagery create a unique audiovisual environment for the special magic that only this Pink Floyd masterpiece can produce.

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Thanks to Radiohead you’ll have a chance to win 1 free copy of

King Of Limbs at each show

Roundhouse Laser Radiohead brings you the best from Radiohead over the years from THE BENDS to KING OF LIMBS.  Experience 4 colour krypton lasers, surround panoramas, QmiQ sound, 300 SFX projectors all in the 360 degree deep space dome.

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The Peak 100.5

*”Music like you’ve never seen before”*

Roundhouse Laser Dark Side Of The MoonRoundhouse Laser Dark Side Of The Moon again fills the dome with sound and light. The spectacular surround experience of Roundhouse Laser Dark Side Of The Moon with a special encore song, creates a captivating journey through time and space.


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